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Suginami Aikikai (Aikido Club) was established in April, 1987. Since that time, many people of various ages have been introduced to the practice of Aikido. In May, 2001 it was designated an Excellent Group by the Governor of Tokyo. Kato sensei (8th Dan, Shihan) has been twice honored by the mayor of Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Under Kato sensei's kind instruction, many people in Japan and the U.S. are engaged in learning about and practicing the Japanese martial art of Aikido. Although Kato sensei is strongly built and sometimes looks quite fierce, actually he is very kind to his students. Men and women of all ages as well as children enjoy regular training in Aikido. Kato sensei is widely admired as an Aikidoist not only in Japan but also abroad, and there are affiliated dojos in San Francisco, CA, Palo Alto, CA, and Houston, Texas.

Practice at Suginami Aikikai includes training with the bokken (wooden sword) and jo (staff). The training place is Ogikubo Taiikukan at 3-47-2, Ogikubo, SuginamikuGo east from the JR stationfs south entrance and you can reach it within 6-7 minutes by walking.

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