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2007 new year events

Our training this New Year's was different from that of years prior. Ten of us met Kato Sensei at Shinjuku, and we went on to Kamakura for first visits of the New Year at shrines there. From Kamakura, we took the Enoden to Enoshima and then walked out to the island, enjoying the brisk atmosphere of the early morning. Brightly lit by many lanterns, the road up to the shrine area was crowded with many others also out early. After visiting several of the shrines, we went to a garden area where we waited for the sunrise. Tombe circled above as the sky slowly brightened. After sunrise, we walked to the other side of the island and down by the water, with Fuji-san uncharacteristically clearly visible. We had our breakfast back on the other side of the island, before we returned to Tokyo. The next day, 7 of us joined Kato Sensei to go to Oyama. This was a day of much more rugged walking, climbing up and then down many steep stone steps. We all enjoyed a good meal after this! On the 4th, 5 of us joined Kato sensei to go to Mitake-san. We took the cable car up and walked further up to the shrines at the top. From there, we took a very different route through winter's landscape. Eventually we arrived at an onsen where we all enjoyed a good soak, and a meal afterwards. All in all, it was a superb way to begin 2007!
(by Susan)

Old events

Apr 1 Enjoyed the cherry blossoms.
Mar 21 - Apr 11 Kato sensei went to U.S.

Feb 12 Practiced joh in Okutama.
Feb 5 Demonstration was held.


Brazil Seminar

->Brazil Seminar

July 2 and 3 Summer training camp was held.

Message from Denmark.

->Message from Denmark

Apr 17 Enjoyed the cherry blossoms after practice.
Apr 7 Ohanami with the visitors from Denmark in Koganei koen.
March 20 General meeting and Kato sensei's birthday party was held.
Feb 6 Enbukai was held.
Jan 10 New year party was held.
Jan 1 Takao mountain climbing.

Oct 2 It has been reported that the first Kato-sensei's Seminar in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was so successful with 380 participants.
Jal 25 Interview with Kato sensei

->Interview with Kato sensei

June 24-25 Climbed Mt. Fuji and saw the super sunrise from the top.
April 14 Hot spring and cherry blossom events in Gunma prefecture.
Mar 21 Went to see the cherry blossoms.
Jan 11 A New Year Party was held.
Jan 1 The first sunrise of the year at Takao mountain.

New year greeting mail from Satsumi-san inTurkey.

Mail from Satsumi-san inTurkey.

Nov 9 This year's enbukai (demonstration) was successfully held.
Oct 23 Kato sensei returned from US.
Aug 13-15 Mt. Fuji climbing and hot spring.
Mar 21 Promotion test, general meeting and Kato sensei's birthday party were held.
Mar 23 A hike to promote friendship with Mike & Peter.
Jan 5 New year kick off party was held.
Jan 4 We climbed Mt. Mitake in Okutama and took a hot spring.
Jan 1 We went to see the sun rise. As it was snowing...

Dec 15 Year- end meeting was held.
Nov 4 We went to Okutama to see red and green leaves.
Nov 1 Kato-sensei returned from Houston seminar in Texas.
Oct 21 Houston dojo had a demonstration at the Asian American Festival.

Yokoyama-san practiced aikido in San Francisco.
Aug 6 Training Camp in Hakone.
May,Jun Training in ITP

Seminar in Houston, Texas.
Feb Demonstration was held.
Aug 6 Training camp in Hakone.
Jul 29 - Aug 7 Hot season special practice at the Honbu dojo.
Jul 21 Aikido children's class demonstration will be held at the Nippon Budokan on Sunday.
May 16 - Jun 19 Kato sensei will be visiting U.S.
Apr 29 Aikido jinja festival.

Article on 2001 Kato sensei's seminar in Houston dojo.

High level promotion.

Sep 20 We have just received E-mail from Houston that Kato sensei will leave there on September 17th and arrive in Japan on September 18th. There has been much confusion in the U.S. due to recent terrorist attacks and his departure date may yet change. His seminar in Houston was well received and he is in good heal.
Sep 10 Aikido newspaper article on Suginami Aikikai

->Aikido newspaper article

Aug 25 - Sep 13 Kato sensei is in the U.S. (Departure date has changed due to increased airline security measures following terrorist attacks.)
Feb Enbukai.

training & test in S.J.

training & test in S.F.


Party after Enbukai.

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